How It Works to Join Kiva Logic

You can get your business up and running on Kiva Logic quickly, it's easy to join, and it all starts as simply as sending an email. Create your free account and we will get in touch within 24 hours, or send an email to [email protected] and we'll do it for you.

The entire process of moving to Kiva Logic is pretty quick- we launch most businesses in under two weeks. The important part is we are here for you. To move your business to Kiva Logic, we'll do all the heavy lifting.

(If you urgently need to be up and running in less than 14 days, we can make it happen.)

1. Discovery


What makes your business run?

Every business is unique and operates in it's own special way.

The first part of what we do is learn about how your business operates to make sure that Kiva Logic is a good fit for your home delivery business. If you already have an ecommerce website, we'll explore it to see what your current shopping process is like for your customers. Some of the things we'll ask, and don't worry if you are just getting started or don't know the answer- we can help!

- What payment processor do you use for billing?

- How do you currently route your deliveries?

- Do you allow customers to shop a-la-carte, or do they need to sign up for a subscription first?

If those questions and more show that we can help your business, this is when we will send you an invoice for our set up fee so we can get to work.

2. Setup

Once we start working with you, we'll handle everything from a to z to get your business online and running on the Kiva Logic software. If you're new, we can help you purchase a domain name and set up email.

At this point, we'll begin configuring the Kiva Logic software to match your business operation requirements. We'll update how you accept online payments, how you manage your route optimizations, what days of the week you deliver, where you deliver, and more.

3. Design

If you have an existing website, we'll build a custom theme for the Kiva Logic software to match it. If you don't have a website yet, we'll work with you to take existing elements like your logo, pictures, artwork, and we will build a new design for your website.

This is where we'll also import any content that you have, like an "About Us" page, or a "FAQ" page.

4. Data Import

Don't stress about doing manual data entry- we can import it for you. We'll import your customers, products, delivery area, subscription boxes, and anything else to save you time and energy.


5. Launch

On your launch day, we'll be standing by to help with any issues or concerns, and will walk you through step by step on how to manage your weekly routine on Kiva Logic.

Some businesses pick up the routine quickly, others may take a month or more. However long it takes though, we'll walk you through it.


Ongoing Support

Once you've launched, we'll help you tackle new challenges that your business faces. We are consantly building new features based off ideas submitted by our customers, and the Kiva Logic software is always growing and evolving.

You'll receive new feature updates, as much techinical support as you need, and exceptional customer service.

Our goal is to help your business grow and succeed, because if you win, we all win.

Ready to get started?

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