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Home delivery software as a service is a specialized product offered by online software companies.

What is software as a service?

Software as a service is software that you pay a monthly or weekly fee to use. In the old days, you would typically purchase a box containing a cd or dvd from a store, take it home, and install the software on your computer. This would have a one-time up front fee.

With software as a service, you pay a lower up-front fee, but there are ongoing fees to be able to keep using it. Think of it as renting office space for your business. You can shop around various buildings to see what fits your needs, and then you agree to pay for that office space each week or month so you can use it. If you stop paying, then you have to leave and find another office space.

Benefits of software as a service

For business critical services, you want a team to help support you that you can reach out to with questions, requests, or if you just need a little bit of help. With software as a service, you can email or call support and here at Kiva Logic, we are always happy to help.

New Features

Another advantage of software as a service is that the software is always getting new features, updates, bug fixes, and more! The software becomes a living, breathing thing that continually evolves and grows along with your business.

Here at Kiva Logic, we keep a public changelog so you can see what we've been up to and what we're building.

This helps keep you at the forefront of modern web technology, and every day the Kiva Logic software as a service just gets better and better- which means it helps your business more and more! From promotional features to help gain new customers, to business operations automations that will save you time and money.

Have any questions or comments? Get in touch [email protected] we read and respond to every email and love to chat.

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