GDPR Data Processing Addendum

This addendum applies to any Kiva Logic customer who receives data about customers via their website (even if your business is not based in the UK/EU). This could be for the purpose of marketing emails, ecommerce sales, form submissions, or private login membership sites.

What personal data does Kiva Logic store on behalf of your customers?

Kiva Logic stores the information a visitor enters into the email newsletter, email marketing (with opt-in verification email), checkout or sign-up process of your website and will include name, address, email, phone, delivery instructions, and the other fields required to fulfill the order or create the customer account. You can see all data that we store about a customer on your administrative dashboard. Customer data can be accessed through the 'Customers' page. Order data can be accessed through the 'Orders' page.

If a customer is creating an account, we store your customer's login and account details for the purpose of management of their membership, account, and orders.

What does Kiva Logic do with your customer's personal data?

Kiva Logic acts as a processor for your customers' data. We will never contact your customers, and you even have the option to white-label our software through the admin settings page.

Kiva Logic will not supply your customer's personal information with any other subprocessors or third parties, except when you have enabled and authorised a third party plugin for purposes of billing, email marketing (via checkout opt-in checkbox), or shipping label processing.

Your rights and the rights of your customers

Kiva Logic agrees to comply with the requirements of the GDPR with regards to data it holds about your customers. If a customer wishes to have their personal information deleted/forgotten, contact the Kiva Logic support team with the customer identification number and we will permanently remove that customer from your Kiva Logic account. Kiva Logic support can be contact at [email protected]

When we remove a customer from your account, their data will instantly be removed from your production database, and after 30 days the customer information will no longer exist in our mandatory rotating backups.

All other requirements for your business and ecommerce store to be GDPR compliant will need to be managed by you, but we are happy to help and provide assistance to meet our obligations under the GDPR.

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