3 Key Factors to Home Delivery Software Solutions

Maybe you are looking to break into ecommerce for the first time, or maybe you're a seasoned internet veteran that's looking for a better solution. Either way, these 3 key factors should always be at the forefront of your mind when comparing different home delivery software solutions.

Delivery Software Pricing

Where do you want to be on pricing? You want a product that is worth every dollar you spend, a product that helps your business grow, and a product that makes your life easier. What does that cost?

The three most common forms of pricing for home delivery software are:

a) Tiers- typically a fixed monthly fee based on how many customers or orders you have. A tiered system can make it expensive to get started if the lowest tier is out of your budget!

b) Percent of sales- when a software company charges a percent of your sales, it will typically be around 2%. If you have a higher revenue per box, then this probably won't be the best for you. If you have a lower revenue per box, this could be a good option if you're doing a high volume of deliveries each week.

c) Per order- This is how Kiva Logic pricing works. For every order that is processed, billed, and delivered through the Kiva Logic software, it costs $1. For example, if you have 127 deliveries for a certain week, your Kiva Logic bill would be $127. This is a better option for higher revenue per box type if you are looking at the issue from a purely pricing point of view.

Software Company Customer Service

Because your business is going to grow, and because your business will last for many years, it's important to know that you will be able to work with your home delivery software provider. If everything works out well, you could very well be on the same software platform for the next 8 years! So make sure the people at your software provider are reliable to work with.

The Software Product

The first thing to look for in a software solution is that yes, it is 2018, and the software needs to be 100% online. Desktop programs just can't compete with an ecommerce site online. You and your customers must be able to access your business online 24 hours a day from any smartphone or internet connected device.

The second is with mobile shopping accounting for more than 60% of our internet traffic, we can state that having a responsive, mobile-friendly website is incredibly important. It's not even an option if you want to stay in business!


Those are just three of many important factors to look for when shopping for home delivery software. Other include having the right featureset, having an available Android and iOS app, working with the correct payment processor, and plenty more.

If you'd like a free consultation to see if we can help be your home delivery software solution, just leave a message on our contact form and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.


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