Now presenting Gift Certificates

With the holiday season rapidly closing in on us and holiday jingles already playing on TV commercials, we are happy to be introducing the Gift Certificate feature.

This feature will allow customers and non-customers alike to purchase a gift certificate and email it to a friend, or download a PDF and print it out themselves.

Selecting the gift amount and entering recipient information: gift-page-1

Next, the customer confirms the information and pays:


And that’s it! The final screen gives the customer access to a generated PDF that contains their gift certificate information. At this point, they will also receive a receipt email and the recipient (if the select to have it sent to them) will receive an email too.

Purchase Complete


Email Receipt


Email sent to Recipient


Both of these emails are editable from the admin side of the software by going to Settings and then Email Templates. You can write whatever works for you, and there are several new email tags that you will see in there as well.

On the admin side, you can now select to receive a notification to your email when a customer purchases a gift certificate, and there is also a new section on the Dashboard that will show you the latest gift certificates that have been generated:


The PDF that is generated can be found here:


This PDF is automatically populated with your business logo and information.

Closing Notes

The Gift Certificate feature is only available for the Stripe payment gateway cusomers’, but we will be rolling out shortly. For current customers, contact us today if you want this new feature accessible on the front side.