Expanding your territory?

If a customer tries to sign up but they live in a postal code that your business does not deliver to, they are asked to leave their name and email so you can contact them in the future should you open up to that zip code. Thinking about expanding your delivery area?

Well, now this is super easy to do. We have updated the missed zip code report page to include date filtering, postal code filtering, and you can send emails to filtered results.

First navigate to the Missed Zip Codes page. In this example, we are going to be looking to expand to the zip code 99988, and we want to send those potential customers an email.

Then we click on the “unselect all” button, then click on the checkbox next to 99988. We can also see how many potential customers used that zip code, in this example, there are 2 potential customers. After we select our zip (or multiple zip codes) we click “Filter Missed Zips”

And we see our 2 results! Great, now we click the button underneath (not seen in this screenshot) that says “Email List”. On the next page you can either load a template you have saved or type in what you want the subject and body of the email to be.


After hitting “preview” and making sure we are happy with the message, we click on “Ok, really send email”. This will generate an email for each of the filtered missed zip codes.

You can verify the emails were generated correctly by going to the pending email queue:


And that’s it! This will make it much easier to stay on top of your expansion areas and notify potential customers easily. The software will log and record the last time contact was attempted with each missed zip code, just another tool to help you out.

If you have any questions or comments, please send an email to [email protected]