Use a Blog to Promote your Business

You can use a blog to promote your business and breath life into it, assuring customers that you are active every week. We recommend using or to set up a wordpress blog, and you can use a sub-domain like "". We'll help you add a link from your main website!


You should have a blog. Every time you post content, that's one more page that can be indexed by search engines to help potential customers find you. It also serves as a measure of "is this company alive?" It doesn't look good if you have a blog and haven't posted since 2014. People will wonder if you're still in business.


Please note, we do not offer support or services for WordPress or blogs, we merely recommend that you set one up and we can add a link to it. If you do need help with WordPress, you can contact us to see if we have availability to help. Support for WordPress or blogs is not included with your Kiva Logic account and is billed seperately at our normal hourly rate. Contact us for more information.