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Update Route Delivery Day

Each route has it's own delivery day. When an order is generated, the system will look at the route the order is on to figure out the delivery day and date. This information is then copied and saved to the order.

It's important to remember that if you are making any delivery day changes that you should change the day before you start a new weekly cycle.

If you change the delivery day on a route, it will NOT update existing orders. The change only affects orders created after the change.

First, go to the Delivery page and click on the "Settings" button at the top right of the screen.

Update Route Delivery Day

Next, click on the 'Routes' link to view and edit your routes.

Route Delivery Day

Here, you will be able to see an overview of your routes, and what the delivery day is for each of them. To edit a route, click on the wrench button next to the route.

Delivery Day Routes

Finally, just change the day in the dropdown box under 'Day' and then click 'save' at the bottom of the screen.

Update Route Cutoff Hours Before

AFTER you change the delivery day, double check that the new cutoff time is correct as well. If you have to update the cutoff time, the process is very similar to changing the day: update route order cutoff times

Tips for holiday weeks

If a holiday is causing you to change the delivery day for one of your routes, just make sure you update the route's delivery day before the weekly cycle.

  1. Before you start the Weekly Cycle for a holiday week, update the delivery day on the routes you want moved.

  2. Continue the weekly cycle as normal and generate orders. As long as you change the delivery day on a route BEFORE you generate orders, your orders will have the correct delivery day and dates.

  3. BEFORE you start the weekly cycle following the holiday week, change your route delivery day(s) back to what they normally are. Then, when you start the weekly cycle and generate orders, all the delivery dates will be back to normal.

Just remember- change your routes BEFORE orders are generated!

Tips for closing completely

If it's a holiday week and you are going to completely shut down your operations, here's how to set up a "Holiday Week": Set Holiday Weeks with No Deliveries