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Product Substitution Demonstration

Ever want to show potential customers how EASY it is to customize an order? Now you can use our Sub Demonstration page with ease! This feature is enabled by default, and to access it, just navigate to

The key part is just to add /demo to the end of your Kiva Logic URL. If your domain is '', then the url for the demo page would be ''.

Potential customers can select any of your available boxes or bins, and they can see what it's like to make substitutions all without having to create an account.


How it works

The demo page will pull up the current week's menu, or, if you are in the middle of the weekly cycle, it will pull up the previous week's menu. This way the page is always populated.

Mobile & Tablet Friendly


The demo page also looks and works great on smartphones and tablets.

Use cases

If you are at an event, simply pop out your table and navigate to the /demo page on your site. You don't even have to log in! Then you can show anyone who is interested how easy it is to make subs or change box types.