General Reports Overview

The Reports Overview page will give you a week-by-week accounting of the following information for your business (you can select a from and to week period for the chart/data):

All Orders Generated(cancelled, promo, paid), Skipped, Orders, Skipped Revenue, Skipped, AVG $, Avg $ per, paying order, Addons, Revenue, Pending, Pending + Revenue, Paid Orders, Promo Orders, Closed At, Skipped Percent, Promo Signups


This is the default report that has the weekly order graph and data table below.

Box Type Breakdown

This report will show you how many of each type of box that you have delivered each week (how many smalls, how many mediums, how many larges, for example).

What's New

See all of the latest changes and updates from Kiva logic. Here you will find bug fixes, new feature announcements, news, updates, and any other changes that we think you should know about.

Future Demand

The future demand report shows you how many orders you are scheduled to deliver in the upcoming weeks.


Order Wholesale +/-

The Wholesale Cost +/- report looks at the original wholesale cost of an order, then compares it the current wholesale cost of the order. This allows you to see what effect the subs that customers make on the total value of an order. If a number is red, then that means the customer has made subs that have decreased the overall value of the order. If the number is green, then the customer has made subs that have increased the overall value of the order.

Email Stats

This report will show you how many emails you are sending, what your domain's email sending reputation is, and also contains any emails that have been blacklisted.

If a customer marks your email as 'spam', they are then put on the blacklist so that they will NEVER receive another email. This is to protect your sending reputation and helps keep your emails successfuly landing in the inboxes of customers that want them.


Emails Sent Status

Filter and view all emails sent for a period of up to 90 days.


Contact Form

A simple way to see all of the contact form submissions made on your site. Any time a contact form is submitted, the message is logged in the database as well as sent to your default customer service email.

Missed Zip Codes

If a customer attempts to sign up using a zip/postal code that is not in your delivery area, they are logged and stored here. This tool is useful to see what zip codes could be ready for expansion!

Missed Signups

If a customer begins the signup process but does not complete it, their email address is captured and you can view the report here.


Recurring Items

A report of all customers that have recurring items on their account.

Produce Reports (Alpha)

An experimental report that shouldn't be used yet :)

Addons History

This page allows you to view all products sold from a given time frame. You can also enter a name to search for within the time frame, like "banana" or "milk".

Addons Report

View stats for addons (items purchased by customers in addition to their main subscription) for the current or previous weeks, and also view a customer breakdown. Read more about the Addons Report here


Tell a Friend

If you have the 'Tell a friend' feature enabled on the Apps page, this report shows you the messages sent from the "Tell A Friend" page on the front of the website.


If you have the referrals feature enabled, this is where you can see what referrals are pending, and what customers are owed money. You do not have to visit this page on a regular basis, since if any customers are ready for a credit a notice will pop up on the dashboard.

Referral Leaders

See which of your customers have referred the most new business to you!

How Did You Hear by Customer

See what customers entered when prompted 'how did you hear about us?' in the sign up process.

How Did You Hear Summary

An overview of 'how did you hear'.



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