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No plastic bags icon for lables

If you include plastic packaging in your box, you might have some customers that just don't want it! The problem is, you need a way to know this when you are packing that customer's order.

Now introducing: the 'no plastic bag' icon for labels!

To set this option, navigate to the customer's account on your Kiva Logic admin, then click on the wrench next to the customer's delivery information.


Then, check the box next to the text 'No plastic packing icon'. When you click this checkbox, it will save automatically and instantaneously in the background.


Now, all orders for the customer will have a 'no plastic bag' icon printed on their label. All you have to do is inform your warehouse of the new icon, and tell them what it means to your company. Here is an example of what the icon looks like on the label:


It's a plastic bag, with a circle and a line through it.