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Android & iOS mobile apps by Kiva Logic


New in 2017! Keep your customers engaged with native mobile Android and iOS apps available from the Play store and the Apple store. Order your app set up here. You must be an active Kiva Logic customer to use this upgrade. Not a customer yet? Get started with a free, no risk account for your business.



There is a one-time set up fee of $2880 USD to enable the 'App' feature for your business. This includes:

  • setup and submission of the iOS app
  • setup and submission of the Android app
  • push messaging
  • screenshot creation
  • feature graphic creation

What does the app do?

Everything that the web app does. This is a full featured app and allows your customers to shop/sub, schedule, sign up, login, log out, update addresses and everything else they can do on the normal website interface.


We'll need a few things from you:

  1. A1024px by 1024px PNG image with alpha enabled for your App's Icon
  2. A title for your App, max 30 characters
  3. A short description, max 80 charecters
  4. A description for your App, max 4000 characters
  5. 4-10 keywords for your app, max 100 characters

Can I use the app to view the admin area?

Yep! You can log in using your admin credentials. BUT we have been focused on the customer facing side of things, so the admin side has not been 100% app-ported yet.

Turnaround Time

Depending on acceptance by the Apply & Google stores, the average turnaround time is 2-3 weeks to have the apps live.

How do I get started?


Go to to submit your set up fee and we'll get started immediately.