These are some dev notes from the early stages of building out our Food Pantry features. To see the updated documentation, please visit the Food Pantry Management Software overview page.

sign-up process:

First Step Updates - From Box selection to Household inputs


For the first step of the sign up process now, instead of asking the new client to select a 'box', they are prompted to enter in their name and the names of their household. Using this information and two new settings on 'Boxes', the system will automatically select the correct box size for the new client based on house hold size.

To add members to their household, the client clicks 'add a household member', and if they make a mistake they can just hit 'delete'.

IF the client adds more household members than their exists a box setting for, then the system will automatically select the largest sized box to assign to the client. For example, if you have the largest box in your system set to '6-8' people (min = 6, max = 8), and the client enters in 10 people, the system will select the box for the 6-8 people since 10 members is more than anything that exists in the system.


When editing a box, you can now set the 'household minimum size', and the 'household maximum size'. For example, in your 'One Person Box', you would set the minimum to 1, and the maximum to 1. If you want a box like 'Two to Three Person', you would set the minimum to 2, and the maximum to 3. This is how the system knows what size box to select for the client. You can update these settings on a per box basis by going to the 'Boxes' page on the admin side.

Second Step


In the summary sidebar, there will now be a listing of household members to help with continuity throughout the sign up process.


Clients are also prompted to enter in their home address to assist in the verification process.

Third Step

For the third step, instead of asking people what schedule they want, they are now shown a calender to pick the first week that they want to have a pickup. The calender has been modified so that only first, second, third, and fourth weeks of the month are options. If a month has a fifth week of the month, it will not be elibile for selection.

Based on the start week the client selects, their schedule will automatically be set by the system as first, second, third, or fourth week of each month for their pickup.



After completing the account registration process, clients will see a welcome message and are prompted to complete a survey before verifying their household member information.

After each step of the survey, any information entered is automatically saved back to the customer's account, so even if they leave mid-survey, any data they've already entered will still be saved so they can pick up where they left off in the future.

Based on the survey questions provided, we've broken it down into 4 simple sections to try to make it easy on new clients.

ALSO note, NONE of the questions are 'required'. That means people can answer all, some, or none, but no matter what their choice, they have to click through to the end of the survey in order to reach the verification and household verification process.


Admin Side Survey Data


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When viewing a customer account, you can see any answers they provided to the survey under the new 'Household Information' section.

Admin Side Pending Clients


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When a new client signs up, along with all the previous notifications that are sent and alerts that are sent to admins as documented here: dev notes 1, you will also see a section labeled 'Pending Customers'. This shows any client that is in 'pending' status that needs attention or hasn't completed their verification process for easy reference. You can also go to the 'Customers' page and filter for status 'pending' as well.


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Verification Updates


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In this screenshot, the primary client is 'Willie Mays', and this client has two members of their household.

Because of the requirement for survey questions for each member of the household, including the primary client, AND a file upload to help with verification, this process has been updated. This part of the account verification process follows the above survey, and must be completed before triggering the admin notifications that a client has submitted verification documents.

All fields are optional EXCEPT for the file upload for id/address verification. There must be an upload for each member of the household, including the primary, before this step can be completed.

Once all uploads have been saved, then the customer verification process continues as previously- the account remains on 'pending', admins are notified, and a message is displayed to the client that their information has been received and will be contacted.

Low inventory sub overflow prevention


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