sign-up process:

first step

  • removed prices on boxes Selection_1999407.jpg

second step

  • removed 'total' info on summary sidebar
  • update verbiage to remove 'checkout' and 'billing' references
  • added fields to collect home address (even though pickup is used) with description "Please enter in your home address for location eligibility verification."
  • removed buttons allowing selection of pickup/delivery
  • updated button text to remove reference from billing


third step

  • over-ride built for scheduling options (frequency) for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th weeks of the month
  • removed option to select starting week (unnecessary)
  • removed reference to 'coop' updated to 'pickup location'


registration complete

  • built new embedded content you can edit on the admin for the registration complete page so you can say whatever you'd like, embedded content name: "First Time Registration Instructions"
  • updated layout/design of first time registration page to remove ecommerce 'features', social sharing, and format it nicely for displaying the above new embedded content and displaying pickup location.



  • removed 'coop' mentions from welcome page
  • updated verbiage on welcome page to pick up not delivery

account verification:

  • new encrypted s3 bucket set with strict permissions for validation document upload and store
  • new signups see message asking for document to validate account, can upload. timestamp is stored


  • after 150 days, message asking for document for re-verification is displayed


  • if verification is submitted and account status is pending, an 'account verification pending' notice is displayed.


  • when customer submits verification or re-verification, a new admin notification type has been created and any admins that have the notification enabled will receive an email. An alert will also be placed on the dashboard.


  • sample email notification sent to admin when verification is uploaded for a client:


  • note applied to customer account:


  • dashboard notification example:


  • new section on customer information page on admin for 'verification information'. You can download the uploaded file, view the verification date, and click a button to complete verification. If verified, the client account status is set to active, a timestamp is recorded, and if there are any pending tasks in the client's note section or on the dashboard about verification, the task is also marked complete.



  • when a new weekly cycle is started, if an account has not been verified in over 180 days, then the account status is set back to pending, a log entry is made, and a notification is placed on the dashboard and the customer account. An email is also sent to the client (new email template called "Account Verification Expired"), that you can use a new shortcode: last_verified which will insert the date that the account was last verified.


  • when verification is getting close to expiring (at 30 days before, 15 days before, and 5 days before) an email will be sent to the client (new email template: "Account Verification Expiring Soon", can also use the last_verified short tag).

Email Templates

  • two new email templates created that can be edit on the Admin Email Templates page:





  • removed search bar for shop products

Confirming an Order


Larger image: images/Selection_1999419.jpg

To receive an order, clients MUST log in to their account and click the button that says 'LOCK IN MY ORDER FOR PICKUP'. When they click this button, their order status will be set to 'closed', and if they have elected to have any social services, those services will be saved at the same time.

When the cutoff time for a pickup location passes, any orders still in 'open' status on the route will be set to cancelled. That way, only orders where clients have confirmed they will pick it up will move forward.

Social Services Requests

When a client locks in their order for pickup, they can also elect to request social services. You can edit these services on the admin side under Settings->Customers->Social Services, or use the quick search bar for 'social services'.


On this page, you can turn services on or off (this only affects whether they are displayed or not), and you can add new services, or edit existing services.


Click 'add new' to add a new social service:


Setting Social Service Slots

You can set the number of available social services slots by editing a pickup location under Delivery->Settings. The "Social Service Slots" field is how many clients the pickup location can provide meetings to during the pickup day/window.


Client selecting social Services

If a client picks one or more social services to have during their pickup day/window, after they have locked in their order for the week a few things happen:

  • The services are saved to the customer account.

  • A new admin notification type called "Social Services Requested" is generated and sent to all admin users subscribed to it.


Here is a sample of that notification:


  • A note is created on the customer account and an alert is placed on the system dashboard. Here is an example of that:


  • The client will now see a message that says "Thank you for scheduling a meeting." on their welcome screen, along with a list of the services that they requested:


Larger image: Selection_1999423.jpg

When viewing a customer account on the admin side, you will also be able to see a new section called "Social Services Requested" that simply lists all services requested and the dates they were requested for (the date the client is scheduled to pick up their order).


If the number of clients who have requested social services is equal to the "social services slot" number for the client's pickup location, they will not be able to request any services for their pickup, and will see a different message instead: