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How to Promote a New Product

When working with a new vendor or farmer, it's important to communicate with your customers using as many avenues as possible to inform them of exciting new product offerings. Here is a checklist of some of the ways that you can promote a new product as a Kiva Logic customer.

Product Promotion Checklist

  1. Use the promotional banner that is at the top of every page with a quick headline and a link to the shop category or new product page in the shop.
  2. Send an email to all active customers
  3. Send a push notification or a text message to all active customers
  4. Include the new product in your weekly email
  5. Make sure the new product is a 'featured product' so it will appear on the customers home page, in the weekly email sidebar, and in the shop under 'Featured Products'
  6. Update any content on your About Us or How it Works page if you talk about the products you carry on either of those pages
  7. Add the new vendor/farmer into the admin so they appear on the front side of your website on the 'Our Farmers' or 'Our Vendors' page.
  8. Share the new product shop link on social media
  9. Use Google/Facebook ads to promote and advertise that you now have the new product
  10. Create a pop up message so when customers log in they instantly see information about the new product/vendor.
  11. Update the content in any Drip Email campaigns you have to mention the new product
  12. On the new product page, make sure you use our SEO title/description meta tool to optimize and customize the title and description for the screen.
  13. Update your blog to reflect the new vendor or product.
  14. Update your customer welcome letter or use printed messages to include with customer orders that talk about the new product.
  15. If possible, make sure your recipe of the week uses the new product
  16. Create a press release and send it to your local newspapers/bloggers
  17. Contact your local tv station and try to get on their morning show to promote your business and the new product (you can talk about 'an exciting new local partnership!')
  18. Update the email signature on your customer service email account. You could add a short line of text like "NEW: We now offer Bob's Local Bread!" and have it link to the shop page or the vendor page.

Custom Promotional Graphics for your Front Page

If you have a graphic/web designer that you like to work with, you can create a new section for your main landing page that talks about the new product. When you've finished working with your designer, send the graphics, text, and design elements to us and we can build a new section for you on your landing page. Since this is above the usual scope of what we provide, we can't guarantee when the update will be built, but we'll do our best to help you out.

A few tips on products

Do not copy and paste the description of a product from the vendor/farmer website. In fact, you should never copy and paste text for any purposes from another website.

Google does not like duplicate content, so it is possible they will penalize or ignore you if they find duplicate content on your website that you have copied from another website. Instead, be original and write your own, original product descriptions. Google rewards new and unique content!