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Content Navigation for your Website

When you sign up to run your business on the Kiva Logic software, we work closely with you to build a custom theme/design for your customer-facing website. This theme includes a content navigation menu so your customers can view pages like "About Us", "Where We Deliver", or "How it Works".

Once your design is complete, you'll be able to add and edit content pages through the Content Overview page on the admin side of the Kiva Logic software.

Content Display Settings

Each content page can have one of three different content display settings. You can update this setting by editing the content page. On the right side, you'll see:

Content Display Settings


This page status will not allow anyone to view this page. This is useful for if you are working on some content and are not ready to make it public yet.


This page status will allow anyone to view the content page, and it will also include the page in your main content navigation, along with placing a link to the page in your navigation sidebar.

Public Content Page

Public - show on side menu, don't show on main menu

This setting is pretty self-explanatory! The content page will be linked to in the side menu, but it will not show up in the main navigation bar:

Public Content Page