Kiva Logic Build List

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Any time we receive a feature request or an idea for something new to build, we add it to the Kiva Logic Build List. Before now, this list was kept private, internally, and we're sure more than one of our customers have wondered... is the build list real? Or is it like a mythical pot of gold?

Well, it's very real, and now you can see it and vote on built list items from the admin interface. To see the new Build List tracker we've built, use the quick search bar to find "Build List".

To vote on a build list item, just click on the thumbs up icon to turn it blue- nice and simple! The build list will show everything we have recorded, with the items that have the most votes listed first, followed by the most recently added items.

Build List Example

You'll see that most of the items have an added date of May 25, 2018. That's the day that we imported our build list into the system, and before then we didn't tag each item with an 'added on' date.

What is the build list?

The build list is simply a way to track ideas for new features or changes that were recommended by Kiva Logic customers. We can't promise that everything will be built, and we can't promise when something will be built, but we do want to make sure that we do not lose any ideas.

Is this like UserVoice?

Yes, kind of. UserVoice is an awesome customer service tool that is used to collect feedback and allow users to vote on features- just like our Build List. We wanted more fine-grain control over it, and we wanted to make our build list inherently available for all Kiva Logic customers to view without having to log in to a separate account- so we built the tool ourselves. The feature set is pretty simple, but we think it will do the job we want it do perfectly.

Maintaining Privacy on the build list

We don't attach any identifying information that is viewable to anyone who is not a Kiva Logic Employee. This means that when you send in an idea and we add it to the build list, we will sanitize the idea so that it's impossible to know who submitted it.

We also keep the votes anonymized so you can't see who voted, or what company they are from.

We DO however have separate tracking on so that we can tag build list ideas. This allows us to reach out to you if you've submitted an idea and we build it! We also keep track of votes separately on, so WE can see who has voted for an item. You will not be able to though. You can only see how many votes total an item has, and whether you personally voted for it or not.

You can change your vote at anytime. If you wish to un-vote for something, just click on the blue button to turn it back to grey- that's it!

Submitting ideas for the build list

We manually review all ideas for the build list. Just send an email with your idea to [email protected] and we'll let you know if we can add it to the build list or not.