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Bin Tracking for Reclaimable Materials

If your business uses plastic bins or other similar packing material or reclaimable materials that you would like to track, the Bin Tracking feature is for you. Here's how it works:

  1. Each week, the system will track that a customer received a bin.
  2. Drivers note how many bins they pick up from a customer on their driver sheet
  3. Back at the office, using the information from the driver sheet, you enter in the number of bins picked up for each customer.


At each stop, drivers should make note of how many Bins a customer has left out for you to pick up. They can use the field 'Returned' on their driver sheet. When a driver has completed their route, they should return their driver sheet to the office. This is how you know how many bins customers give back.



Back at the office, you'll notice there is a new Step for you on the Delivery page called 'Enter Bins Picked Up'. Click on this button to get started.


On the next screen you'll all of the deliveries you had for that day. At the far right, enter in the number of Bins that the drivers marked were left from the driver sheets.

When you are done, just hit 'Save Changes'. If you mistake, don't worry- you can change these numbers and then hit 'Save Changes' again. The system will see that a customer has returned a Bin (or two) and will update the Bin data.


Customer Accounts

When viewing a customer account, you'll be able to see how many Bins an order used, and how many Bins a customer returned that week. There is also a total at the bottom of the Orders section.


You can edit an order to update how many bins a customer has.



To get an overview of where your bins are, go to Settings->Delivery->Bin Tracker. You can filter for bins that have been returned, and also filter to see who still has your bins.




To enable this feature, go to the Settings page. In the "Business Operations" section, look for the setting called "Would you like to use a "Bin" tracker?", then in the drop down box choose 'Yes, we use bins and want to track them'. Then click the 'Save Business Information' button at the top.


  • If you are enabling this feature, do it right after your next weekly cycle. The Bin Tracking system calculates how many bins each order has when you download your order labels. It's best to enable it before downloading any of your order labels for the week.
  • This feature does not hand out any credits or charge customers. It's purely a tracking feature for Admin users.

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