Active Campaign Integration with Kiva Logic

Please note, this page is a work in progress. Thanks.

Event tracking

Events are parsed in the background at a 10 minute delay. Events are determined by looking at the system log and sending any of the following customer actions/events to Active Campaign for event tracking.

When this feature is first turned on, we will process your entire system log, starting at day 1 of operating on Kiva Logic, so that we can create a complete history in Active Campaign for every customer, order, and event. This way you won't have to start from zero data!

Here are the events we currently send to Active Campaign, we will fill in descriptions for those that are not self-explanatory:

Delivery Today Reminder Email Sent

New Customer Signup

Login via expired magic link failed

Logged in

Logged in via cookie

Logged in via magic link

Logged out

Made a substitution

Made an un-substition

Added add-on to order

Deleted item from order

New Promo Customer Signup

Customer created order from welcome page

Customer changed box

Order skipped

Customer cancelled

Customer thinking of skipping order

Gift certificate used

Discount code used

Submitted Contact Form

Gift purchaser account activation

Promo account activation

Updated Payment Info

Re-subscribed to emails

Unsubscribed email

Updated Shipping Notes

Added Delivery to Schedule

Shared with Friends The customer used the "Tell a friend" page to send an email(s) to a their friends to promote your business.

Skipped Delivery on Schedule The customer used the schedule page to skip a future planned delivery from one of their 'on' weeks.

Updated Address

Reset Password Customer successfully used the password reset feature.

Cancelled Order

Added Birthday

Changed Schedule Customer updated their schedule frequency

Customer cancelled

Removed recurring product setting

Updated recurring product setting

Added recurring product setting

Changed Box Subscription

Gift Box Purchase A customer or gift box purchaser completed the purchase of one or more gift boxes.

Order Completed An order was successfully paid for. This also uses the Deep Data feature of Active Campaign to track orders. This will allow you to see additional data when viewing a contact such as order count, lifetime value, average order amount, etc.

Reset Schedule The customer pushed the 'reset schedule' button on the schedule page to delete any adds or skips the customer made to their delivery schedule.

Content in progress

This is a construction zone. We're just dropping notes here as we develop the feature and we'll polish it off later down the road :) (as of Dec 2018)

  • all events/actions from this page are tracked on customer accounts

  • status, next delivery, cancel date, box type are synced with the admin (one way from Kiva Logic to Active Campaign)

  • a robot parses the system log every 60 seconds to accomplish the above. This happens in the background so that their is no degradation to the user experience at all.

  • we can process about 200,000 log entries per hour, to give context: there's only been 2.5 million log entries in the history of a medium company that's been operating for a year so far. So, even at the sites busiest, it might only fall behind a few minutes, no big deal imho.

  • orders are synced along with the contents of each order. Products are marked using categories like 'menu' 'sub' or 'addon'

  • all customers are by default added to the 'all customers' list

  • each customer will be tagged as 'open order', 'closed order', 'no order' based on their order status for the current week