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UPDATE: As of March 18th, 2015, now has an official status page.

Go here and disregard the post below, it is now unnecessary. is one of the leading payment gateways on the internet. They also occasionally have service interruptions or outages that can lead to some very painful customer interactions. Here at Kiva Logic we use our in-app alert system to post notices on all Dashboards when something like this happens to keep our customers informed.

The problem is- how do you know there at website is a service issue? does not have a status page (that we’re aware of or could find…) which is surprising for a company of that size that has so many businesses relying on it.

The only place that you can find out about their status is on their Twitter page:


Researching the @AuthorizeNet tweet history shows us that whenever they announce “an issue” or a resolution, they use the word “issue” in their tweet. If we can search for that and have it automatically notify us, then we’ll be much better prepared to help customers.

Here’s How To Get Status Alerts

  1. Create an account at

  2. Click on “Make a new Zap”

Make a new Zap

  1. Set the “trigger app” to twitter, and the “action” app to gmail. For the trigger select “search mention” and for the action select “send email”


  1. On Zapier, step 2 & 3 will connect and confirm your twitter and gmail accounts.

  2. For the search term, type in “@AuthorizeNet”


Now click on “Add a custom filter”. Fill it in like the image below. This is a pretty wide net we’re casting since we are only search for “status”, but it’s better safe than sorry. If you have any tuning that you’ve done, send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll update this tutorial.


Step 5 will ask you where the email should be sent- we have it sent to our 911 emergency email and our support desk so that everyone is kept in the loop.

For the Subject use “ Status Update”, and when you get to the ‘body’ section of the email, select the tags for ‘text’ and ‘created at’. This will give you the time the tweet happened and the full text of the tweet.


After that you can test the Zap and turn it on live. Just notice- Zapier’s free plan will only run the check once every 15 minutes, so if you need it to check more often you’ll have to upgrade your plan.

If you have a creative way of getting notifications, we’d love to hear it. Send us an email [email protected]