One more thing you can add to your list of “never have to think about”- Kiva Logic now automatically generates your XML sitemap on a weekly basis and will ping the big search engines (and ping-o-matic) with the latest results. The submission is automatic!

This will help make sure that your latest content, recipes, blog posts, and keyword targets are all submitted to Google (and the others…) to help them index your site. More sites indexed means more visitors and higher visibility!

This is an automatically rolled out feature, so you don’t have to do anything.

Some Details…

  • If you create tons of content and want your sitemap re-generated more than once a week, let us know

  • Sitemap generation happens in the early morning hours every Saturday

  • Ping sent to ping-o-matic with updates

  • Custom pings allowed, send them to us and we’ll set it up