Kiva Logic comes with many built-in marketing and customer acquisition tools to help make it easier for you to grow your business, get new customers, and keep your existing customers engaged and happy. From collecting email addresses of potential customers to announcing new products or discounts, these are the top three tools you should enable in your Kiva Logic administrator interface.

1. The Promotion Bar

The Promotion Bar

This is a banner that sits at the very top of your website. It can be used to promote discount codes, newsletters, facebook posts, sales, new products and more.

You can have a banner set for visitors that are not customers, and a different banner set for users who are customers and are logged in. This way, for potential customers you could show them a banner marketing a sign-up discount code, and for existing customers you can promote a link to a new product in your online shop for them to add to their order.

Each banner consists of the promotion text, a link, the link text, and you can also choose the text color and the background color.

Learn more about the Promotion Bar in the Kiva Logic documentation.

2. Exit Intent Popups

Exit Intent Popups

This is a simple popup that a potential customer will see when the software thinks they are about to leave the website. When the potential customer moves their mouse to the top of the screen, as if they are about to close the tab, a popup can appear to ask for their email address.

You can save these email addresses to a Drip Campaign, which can then be used to slowly send the customer helpful and inspirational emails to eventually convert them to customers. Our in-house research shows that it takes an average of 5-8 drip campaign emails for an email address to be converted to an actual customer.

Learn more about exit intent popups

3. Drip Email Campaigns

Drip Email Campaigns

A Drip Email Campaign is a pre-written series of emails that are sent over time to a potential customer. These emails can be used to help persuade potential customers to become actual customers.

You can set up a Drip Email Campaign for your ‘missed signups’- that is, people who complete step 1 of the sign up process but then bail out. This is a VERY valuable list of emails and at the very least THIS is the drip email campaign you should set up TODAY!

Learn more about our Drip Email Feature.


There are many more tools built in the Kiva Logic software to help you grow your business. To take a look at a continually updated list of things you should be doing with the Kiva Logic software to increase your growth, check out page on things you should be doing right now.